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Cheeky Chocolate Pack

Cheeky Chocolate Pack


Introducing our delectable Mixed Chocolate Cupcakes! Our baker will select a variety of delicious chocolate flavors to create a diverse and indulgent assortment just for you. These cupcakes are perfect for those who can't decide on just one flavor or for those who simply love the taste of chocolate in all its fun and flavourful forms. Whether it's for a special occasion or just a sweet treat for yourself, this pack is sure to satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. Order a pack today and experience the ultimate chocolate lover's delight!


Style/colour/toppings are subject to change at decorators descretion. If you want something specific regarding design/colour/style please place a custom order. 


    Not allergen safe. NUTS, SEASAME, SOY, GLUTEN, DAIRY & EGGS are used in our kitchen. We are able to create "without" options on request which have been safely consumed for years by customers with intollerances but we do not recomend our products for customers with seriousallergies or Coliacs disease, especially for airborne products like flour etc.

    If you have any questions or wish to do a custom order please contact us via the custom cupcakes order page.


    May include but are not limited to; Men are from mars (choc caramel), Cherry ripe, Chocmint, Jelly tip, Don tiki (choc coconut), Chocberry, Chocolate, Smores, Chilli Choc, Chocnutella, Grace Kelly (choc vanilla), Ginger Choc, Reece Mastin (Choc Peanut Butter) Chocolate, Mocha


    Max of 6 Flavours.

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