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Indulge in the ultimate campfire treat with our  S'mores cupcakes! Each chocolate cupcake is filled with Gooey Chocolate, frosted in a marshmallowy meringue frosting and topped with perfectly toasted marshmallows and sprinkled with crunchy biscuit crumbs for an authentic s'mores experience. It's a delicious and morsel-sized take on a classic campy dessert that will transport you to the great outdoors with every bite.


Style/colour/toppings are subject to change at decorators descretion. If you want something specific regarding design/colour/style please place a custom order. 


    Not allergen safe. NUTS, SEASAME, SOY, GLUTEN, DAIRY & EGGS are used in our kitchen. We are able to create "without" options on request which have been safely consumed for years by customers with intollerances but we do not recomend our products for customers with seriousallergies or Coliacs disease, especially for airborne products like flour etc.

    If you have any questions or wish to do a custom order please contact us via the custom cupcakes order page.

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