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Who is Miss Melicious

The Baker Behind the Magic

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Our Story

Miss Melicious is quite the success story in the world of cupcakes and creative baking! It all started as a small, quirky cupcake store opening 2011 and grew into a recognizable brand in both New Zealand and Internationally. The publication of the Miss Melicious Cupcakes recipe book in 2012 was a significant milestone and helped cement its reputation for originality and personality in the culinary world.

Missy is a powerhouse of passion, has always stood up for what she believes. Miss Melicious is her brain child, it is part of her personality and who she is. Missy loves creativity, building confidence in women, and being a strong ally within her community.

Missy's decision to take a break from the brand and the business to raise her family shows her commitment to both her personal life and her brand. She continued to develop her skills in Event planning and Marketing, Management, Merchandising, Styling and Sales. While she loved mastering her craft she yearned for the creative freedom once again. She has learnt so much over the last 18 years about herself and her brand identity and is finally ready to bring it to the world once again.

The relaunch of Miss Melicious and the prospect of taking on the world is an exciting new chapter in the brand's journey. Miss Melicious is so much more than just cake. It is Inclusive, outspoken, fun, chaos, creative and love personified. Miss Melicious is for those that want to find freedom within themselves, to find who they are, and to encourage your freak flag to fly.

Come along for the delicious ride friends, you won’t regret it.

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