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Sweet Treats with Edge

Welcome to Miss Melicious, your one-stop shop for delectable cupcakes, baking books, and more! Whether you're craving a sweet treat or looking to master the art of baking, we've got you covered. Join us on a delightful journey of flavors and creativity.

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Colin Mathura-Jeffree - Hottest Home Baker host NZ

While I am no food snob I grew up with the best of international cuisine and  fabulously loved the adventure of food. As an adult I realise that food and precious memories go hand in hand in heart. Miss Melicious is beautifully woven into my life tapestry with as much richness and sweetness as her cupcakes are. I hosted four years of an internationally viewed food show called "New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker" so believe me I know how moist, dense, fluffy and delicious a cake should be and how crazy Bakers are. I have the honour of having a Miss Melicious Cupcake named "The Colin" but my best moment to date was engaging Miss Melicious for my 40th birthday party to service 550 Guests with her exceptionally divine cupcakes and a cake that had to be provided it's own security guard! To state it was a hit is an understatement. 

Bravo to you for choosing Miss Melicious. I just love her.

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